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In 2008, having prepared the application documents after six months of hard work and exchange of e-mails with our partners from Germany, Italy, Turkey and two schools from Spain and Portugal , we applied for funding for a project under “Comenius”1.2., but remained among the reserves. After consultations with the German NA adviser in Munich, the coordinators from Schwandorf advised us about their new idea of a project for the next year 2009. They suggested a preparatory visit meeting for more precise working out of the application documents. As the former partners from Spain and Portugal had given up, they found and included in the project two different partners from the same countries. Unfortunately, only half of the partners got grants for a prep visit where Germany, Italy and Bulgaria worked on the project documents. We were conceded excellent conditions for daily discussion and coordination through e-mails of all the materials with the rest of the partners. Fortunately, all the partners got grants for the project.


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