The National School of Arts “Dobri Hristov”- Varna is the first among the schools of arts under the Ministery of Culture in Bulgaria to win a project of the European programme “Lifelong Learning”, sub-programme “Comenius” 1.2. – multilateral school partnerships.

For three successive years the National School of Arts has been applying for a project within sub-programme “Comenius” – multilateral school partnerships. Due to insufficient funding we always found ourselves among the reserves.

In September 2008 on the initiative of our German partners, who are the coordinator of the present project, we applied for a preparatory visit funding. We were given the grant, and the partners from Italy kindly offered to be the host and organizer of the prep visit. It took place in Cagliari, the island of Sardinia, between 19th and 24th of December 2008. A working variant of the application form for Comenius 1.2. project “CEI-Certificate for European Identity for students” for a grant of 20 000 euro, was carefully worked out.

In August 2009 we were officially notified about the grant given to us and the impending contract to be concluded between the Centre for Development of Human Resources as the National Agency for “Lifelong Learning Programme” and our school.

The signing of the contract gave start to our actual work on the project.



In 2008, having prepared the application documents after six months of hard work and exchange of e-mails with our partners from Germany, Italy, Turkey and two schools from Spain and Portugal , we applied for funding for a project under “Comenius”1.2., but remained among the reserves. After consultations with the German NA adviser in Munich, the coordinators from Schwandorf advised us about their new idea of a project for the next year 2009. They suggested a preparatory visit meeting for more precise working out of the application documents. As the former partners from Spain and Portugal had given up, they found and included in the project two different partners from the same countries. Unfortunately, only half of the partners got grants for a prep visit where Germany, Italy and Bulgaria worked on the project documents. We were conceded excellent conditions for daily discussion and coordination through e-mails of all the materials with the rest of the partners. Fortunately, all the partners got grants for the project.

Preparatory visit

PROGRAM for the preparation meeting of the

COMENIUS-project ECIS-European Corporate Identity for Schools



Cagliari, Italy

Dec. 15th to Dec. 19th, 2008

Monday, Dec. 15th :

Individual arrival in

14.00-17.30:      at school: Self-presentation of the partners

Definition of our planned project: contents, goals, methods

Tuesday, Dec.16th
9.00 – 12.30:     at school: Distribution of tasks and responsibilities to


Finding and discussing details of our aims

14.00:   after lunch: city tour (together)

Wednesday, Dec.17th:

9.00 – 12.00 and

13.30 – 16.00:   at school:  Work on project schedule including financial planning and possibilities for an evaluation

Beginning of filling in the project application form

Thursday, Dec. 18th

9.00-12.00 and

13.30 – 16.00:    at school:  Planning of mobility within the project
Filling in the project form

Friday, Dec. 19th:

Morning:  Possibility for work on final details

Farewell and return home


The first mobility took place from 19th to 24th October in Schwandorf, Germany.

Working programme:

Saturday, 17.10.2009 – Monday, 19.10.2009

Individual arrival of the participants

Tuesday, 20.10.2009

10am – Guests will be picked up from Regensburg and transported by car to Schwandorf

11am – First Meeting and Welcome by the Principal

– Tour of the FOS/BOS Schwandorf school

– Presentation of the partner schools

– Press Conference with the local press

– First discussion of the planned project activities

13:30 – Lunch in a Bavarian restaurant in Schwandorf

14:30 – Sightseeing tour of Schwandorf

!7:00 – Transportation to Regensburg by train

Wednesday, 21.10.2009

9:15am – City Tour of Regensburg

12:00 – Quick lunch in a Bavarian inn

12:30 – Tour of BMW Besichtigung

Thursday, 22.10.2009

10am – Project meeting:

Distribution of tasks and modules

Organization of cooperation

Time schedule

Introduction into MOODLE

Organization of Project meetings in 2010

Friday, 23.10.2009 – Saturday, 24.10.2009

Individual departure of participants

The second mobility was held in Porto da Cruz, Madeira, Portugal. Host school Escola Básica do Porto da Cruz, Madeira, Portugal.


  1. Staatliche Fach- und Berufsoberschule Schwandorf, Germany
  2. National School of Arts “Dobri Hristov”-Varna, Bulgaria.
  3. Istituto professionale per l”industria e l’artigianato “Antonio Meucci”, Cagliari,  Sardinia, Italy
  4. Samsun Anadolu Lisesi, Samsun Turkey
  5. IES Joan Maria Thomas – Palma, Baleares, Spain

Working programme:

Saturday, 20.02.2010 – Monday, 22.02.2010

Individual arrival of the project partners

Tuesday, 23.02.2010

10:30 Picking up all partners in Funchal (meeting point to define)

12:00 Arrival at the school and guided tour to the school facilities

12:30 Lunch at school

13:30 Visit to Madeira Theme Park

Wednesday, 24.02.2010

9:30 Picking up all partners in Funchal

10:00 Presentations of the school partners

12:30 Lunch at school

14:00 Teachers meeting to work on the project

16:30 Musical and dancing presentations of students on stage (Civic Centre) – Portuguese and Bulgarian schools

19:30 Dinner with typical local food

Thursday, 25.02.2010

9:00 Tour around the island (probably including a levada walk)

Friday, 26.02.2010

8:00 Journey to Porto Santo Island by ferry boat

20:45 Arrival at Funchal

Saturday, 27.02.2010

Individual departure of the project partners

The third mobility took place in IES Joan Maria Thomas – Palma, Baleares, Spain


1. Staatliche Fach- und Berufsoberschule Schwandorf, Germany
2. National School of Arts “Dobri Hristov”- Varna, Bulgaria

3. Istituto professionale per l”industria e l’artigianato “Antonio Meucci”, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
4. Samsun Anadolu Lisesi, Samsun Turkey
5. Escola Básica do Porto da Cruz, Madeira, Portugal

Working programme:

Monday, 26.04.2010

10:00 – Meeting at the high school IES JOAN M. THOMÀS: introduction to the Principal and his team, class attendance and snack

11:00-13:00 –Students Workshop at the classroom: power point presentation of the schools and some quiz about Mallorca and Sardinia.

The afternoon is free.

Tuesday, 27.04.2010

9:00 – Meeting at the high school.

Visit to the Cathedral and the Diocesan Museum. Visit old city center

12:00 – Visit to the City Council. The Cultura councillor: Mrs. Nanda Ramon is going to welcome us.

The afternoon is free.

Wednesday, 28.04.2010

10:40 – Meeting at the high school.

11:00-13:00 Teachers Workshop at the Computer Studies room 2

13:00 Concert

14:00 Friendly meal at the high school.

The afternoon is free.

Thursday, 29.04.2010

8:45 Meeting at the high school: Mallorca trip and sightseeing

Campanet: caves and glass factory

Lluc: monastery and lunch

Alcúdia, Pollentia and Formentor.

19:00 “Castells performance” at the high school. You can participate if you want.

Friday, 30.04.2010

9:00 Walk along the Palma Promenade

Visit to the “Joan Miro” Foundation museum and the artist’s studio

Saturday, 01.05.2010

Individual departure of participants


Project meeting of CEI partners from 04.10.2010 to 08.10.2010 in Varna

Monday, 04.10.2010

Individual arrival of the partners

Tuesday, 05.10.2010

10:00 – A meeting with the Head of the Department of Culture and Education in Varna Municipality; local media coverage.

12:00 -A visit to the Archaeological museum displaying the oldest processed gold in the world, dating back to 5000-3000 BC

13:30 – Lunch

14:30 – Sightseeing tour of Varna

Wednesday, 06.10.2010г.

9:00 – Meeting with the management of the school.

9:30 – Student Presentations (room 300)

11:30 – Students attend a concert in the concert hall

Teachers meet in computer labs 1 and/or 2 for discussion

13:30 – Lunch

16:00 – A visit to Evksinograd, the former summer residence of the Bulgarian kings, and the Royal gardens with over 300 rare flora species and 50000 trees

18:00 – Dinner at a traditional Bulgarian cuisine restaurant

Thursday, 07.10.2010г.

8:00 – A day trip to Veliko Tarnovo, the former capital of Bulgaria, and Etara – an open-air museum of Bulgarian handicrafts from the National Revival

Friday, 08.10.2010г.

9:00 – A trip to the resorts of “St.St.Konstantin and Elena” and “Golden Sands” – optional